Identification. Verification. Authentication.

Financial Industry

Financial organizations are increasingly looking to biometric identification as a means of both cutting down fraud and improving the customer experience, and that’s especially true as more and more customers expect to do their financial transactions online or via mobile.

The B-Trust Financial services and banking platform providing biometric identification based on finger print, face and Iris recognition, along with other identification factors, which allow convenient, fast and secure authentication.

The bank customers can enroll, login and make banking transactions using their fingerprint id and face recognition, from anywhere at any-time, efficiently and securely.

The biometric solution makes it even quicker and easier for customers to access their bank account.

B-Trust platform verify and authenticate ID and users quickly, easily and accurately.

Security & Law Enforcement

B-Trust Mobile identification solutions empower security and law enforcement officials to rapidly identify individuals and performing identification checks in the field. Our end-to-end mobile biometric technology capture and analyze a person’s physical features in the field and submit the collected data to a central database for matching.

Our rugged mobile device combined with our high-end biometric solution, such as fingerprint, face and iris recognition, enhances public safety and increases efficiently with a real time user verification on the field.


Manage customers, partners and contractors identity. B-Trust platform verify that only authorized individuals can gain access to specified areas and information.

  • Fast and accurate user verification
  • Prevents unauthorized access while assuring the user identification
  • Cost effective: users do not have to install any devices or software to participate in the authentication process
  • Liveness detection to enhance security
  • Flexible and meets the organizations security policies
  • Easy enrollment in few seconds using your own mobile device or computer
  • Low cost integration and installation: users do not have to install any special devices or software to participate in the authentication process


B-Trust platform provides identify management and user verification solution in the field, using unique fingerprint and face recognition technology, implemented on rugged, handheld biometric mobile ID device.

B-Trust mobile is a rugged, portable device that verify identities using iris, fingerprint and facial recognition.

  • In the field authentication
  • Fast and easy data capture
  • Reliable and accurate ID validation and authentication
  • Identification of multiple document types quickly, easily and accurately
  • On-line web interface for real time reporting
  • Integration to customers IT systems with easy, secure and customizable web services