Identification. Verification. Authentication.

Identity management on the move, anytime, anywhere.

B – Trust platform provide biometric as a service solution.

Our State-Of-The-Art Multi-Purpose mobile identification platform provide the flexibility to create a custom made solution according to the customer requirements and apply a perfect solution to any mobile Identification \ Verification application.

The cutting-edge biometric identification management technology, verify the user identity, deliver efficiency and convenience use, while complying with government regulations.
B-Trust platform provide a strong biometric system for eMobile identification, verification & authentication solution.

B-Trust advantages

    • Simple and quick enrollment process
    • Secure and accurate authentication process
    • Match on device or on cloud
    • Low cost integration and installation:
      • Users do not have to purchase or install any special devices or software
      • Ready and customizable website for every customer
      • Real time monitoring and reporting
    • Operates in the field, on any mobile device

B-Trust Platform

Is a complete innovative identity management suite that stores identity data and then securely use this data for strong authentication and Identity management solutions

Designed with the latest grid computing architecture using multi-Modal biometrics that preforms as the core of any identity management solution for organizations that require identity lifecycle management and strong identity authentication.

B-Trust Platform Offers:

Fast and intuitive

Fast and intuitive biometric enrollment process


Secure Identity Storage

Identity Searching

Identity Searching (including fingerprint, face and iris)


Biometric Verification & Identification

Data Driven

Data Transformation & Search Result Fusion

Multi Platform

Mobile Device build and integrated for Cloud Computing and information system

Multiple Devices

supported devices - Handhelds, IP 65 / 68, Tablets


Rugged device for outdoor and indoor use.


Reading smartcards, recording GPS and wireless communication using WIFI or cellular network.

B-Trust 1

B-Trust 1 is a rugged android biometric handheld device,  specifically designed to verify identify and check ID documents on the field.

B-Trust 1 provides:

  • Easy and quick field enrollment
  • Field identification
  • Match on device
  • Match on cloud
  • Real-time results
  • Fast and easy data capture
  • Fingerprint and face recognition
  • Reliable ID document verification
  • Remote person identification

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