About us

Identification. Verification. Authentication.


ADO Technologies is a leading solution provider of intuitive, accurate and secure mobile biometric applications.
The company’s offerings include complete end-to-end mobile identity management solutions including full integration with existing IT infrastructures.
ADO focused on the development, delivery, and deployment of biometric, identity management, and authentication solutions.

The identity management solution, using high-end biometric technology based on fingerprint, face and iris identification, provides the end-user with a comprehensive solution that is quick, easy and convenient.

ADO product portfolio includes a variety of biometric identity readers, users and ID verification, biometric access control and handheld biometric devices.

ADO Value Propositions

Accurate & Reliable

Accurate and reliable biometric identification solutions (face, fingerprint and iris verification)

Continuous and liveness detection

Solution can be used to detect if a process is indeed ongoing and live as claimed

Versatile Operation

Operates on mobile devices, network application, or internet

SaaS applications

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User Friendly

Easy and convenient user enrollment

Field identification

Works best with in-the-field situations allowing for accurate identification while operating in the field.

Real-time results

Quick results provide real time feedback for identification allowing swift and smooth operation.


Know Your Customer - B Trust platform helps verify customers in the field, quickly and accurately.